Thursday, June 15, 2006

Digital Camera

If you look around, it has become a challenge to find a traditional film camera. It seems as though everyone and their little brother has their own digital camera. This has lead to a change in the way that people take pictures and use their cameras. The average user now finds themselves taking far more pictures with a digital camera than they would have dreamed of with a film camera. Storing the pictures on your hard drive is done at essentially no cost. Many will also end up taking several of the same picture with their digital camera to make that they have the shot that they want. This should, theoretically, result in better pictures, although truth of this is still up for debate. As well, finding the right digital camera offers much more variety than ever existed with film cameras. The number of features available to the digital camera user makes for almost unlimited possibilities. One distinct feature is that even an average digital camera will have the ability to take videos. While these videos are rarely of extremely high quality, it can still be a useful feature on your digital camera.

I recently purchased a digital camera, and it has proven to be a great investment. I have taken thousands of pictures that I would not have otherwise taken. My specific digital camera is very small (it can fit into a pack of cards) making it easy to take almost anywhere with me. More serious photographers, can also get an SLR digital camera that has more features than most people will know what to do with. The only downside of buying a digital camera is the speed with which they are updated. I have had my camera for less than a year and there are already two newer versions of it which boast better features. I guess that is the trade-off I have to accept for the past year worth of photographs.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Digital Photo Composition

One of the best things about digital photography is being able to review your shots the second after you take them. This allows you to immediately see how good you were able to compose your photo. Then you can make any necessary adjustments and re-take the same photograph (as long as the subject has not changed too much). There are still a few things that you should try to keep in my with digital photography composition.

First, before you even frame your shot, take a second and think about what you picture is actually about. Decide what the message or idea is behind your picture. Once you have the basic idea for your photograph, pick up your camera and try to portray that idea on your camera screen. This sounds pretty simple, but it is often much harder than you would think. Once you are happy that the central idea of your photo is established, you need to choose if you want to take a landscape or a portrait. The basic idea when choosing between these two options is to highlight existing shapes in your picture. For example if you are taking a digital photo of a few skyscrapers, the predominant lines and shapes are vertical. Therefore a portrait is probably a better choice. Conversely, if you have a subject in the water with waves going out horizontally, you would likely want a landscape photo. While these rules of thumb will prove helpful in most situations, you should experiment by taking several photos, each with a slightly different composition. And since it is digital photography, you can simply delete any unwanted photos.

This is the basics of digital photography composition, but there is still much to be covered. The next posting will discuss the ‘Rule of Thirds’ in your digital photography composition.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Welcome to Digital Photography Tutor

For years I have been an avid photographer, winning a number of local photography competitions and even having a few shots published in magazines. I learning and talking about photography so I decided to create this blog as a place where anyone can come to learn and discuss all things related to photography. I will have postings about different techniques as well well as updates on the latest equipment. I urge all readers to add their thoughts and experiences to this blog.

All the best!